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Area code 843 is located in South Carolina covering Charleston, North Charleston, and Mount Pleasant

You are looking for a virtual phone number service provider but not getting the perfect one. Because there is a huge number of virtual companies are selling this numbers but most of them are not professional and can’t ensure the best service. In such case, our company Mycountry Mobile is many steps ahead of these companies in case of quality and services. We use the fastest cloud pbx which is great to provide you the best calling experience.

For whom virtual phone service is life saver

It is the best service for the owners who have multiple offices and businesses to maintain. It becomes difficult to attend and make calls using the landlines when you are traveling.

By using your android phone you can maintain the phone system if you have a good internet connection.
A company can buy multiple phone numbers and area codes at the same time. So it becomes easier for them to target different areas at the same time.
Businesses can sell products in all the areas they might want by using those area codes while calling.
Phone calls are helpful when being present in different countries
A phone call number proves your business is a legal one

History of the 843 area code

The 843 area code was first created in 1998. Since then the area code has been used as one of the most important area codes. The code covered many important areas in South carolina. There are some other area codes running in carolina. They are 803, 843 and 864, all of these serve South carolina.

Major cities inside the 843 area code

The outstanding facilities have made these cities extremely helpful for different businesses.

Counties under the 843 area code

Beaufort County, Berkeley County, Charleston County, Chesterfield County, Clarendon County, Colleton County, Darlington County, Dillon County, Dorchester County , Florence County, Georgetown County, Hampton County, Horry County, Jasper County, Kershaw County, Marion County, Marlboro County and Williamsburg County.

843 area is full with business opportunities

Aerospace & Defense
Automotive, Truck & Heavy Machinery
Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
Business & Financial Services
Energy are the most popular businesses in the 843 area. You can start any business as all sectors have huge customers.
Mycountry Mobile helps you to raise your brand value
My country Mobile is not only the virtual phone service seller but also that company which sells phone numbers permanently. Our quality audio calling helps you to gain reputation among the customers. Thus you get the scope to grab a huge number of customers worldwide. Now it is the era of quality service, this good service is ensured by our phone system.

Why you should choose virtual phone numbers in place of other media

You are securing the communication system of your company by using a virtual phone number as your communication system. Legacy phones need extra issues to be sorted out like hardware.
But a virtual phone is totally free from all the hassles. It is totally a hand touch free services.
You may be thinking whether it is as effective as landline calling. Remember that, all the landline facilities are given in the virtual phone system.
But all the virtual phone features aren’t present in the landline phone system. Like if we talk about the wireless facility of a virtual phone system.
It is accessible using your android phone device. So you can understand that now all the business owners are free. They can even go on tours.
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Free features that come with the phone number

We have multiple free features which can make your business more comfortable.

You will get the facilities like

Call directing

Call recording


Free cloud PBX

Call forwarding

24/7 Support

Have a look at the features

Get the scope to send voicemails to your busy customers so that they don’t feel bad getting your calls.
Send and receive online faxes using our company app.
Call directing is the best feature for the business owners. Now they can direct the phone calls to the teams easily. That will ensure a better life for the owners.
There is more like call waiting and recording.
Our package is packed with different outstanding features
You will be surprised to know that our service comes at only 4.99$ per month. Can you believe it ? Service is many times better than legacy phone systems but the charge isn’t even one tenth of the landline. You are actually wasting money on the landline phones. You can use that for some purposes but it is time to switch your communication system into virtual.